Smoked Meats

Sausage, Bacon, Ribs, and More

Famous for our sausage, The Commissary is home to a broad selection of delicious smoked meat, cured and smoked gently over a birchwood fire. Come on in every Wednesday and Friday morning to enjoy fresh sausage right out of the smokehouse. Stop in before noon and you get it while it’s still warm!

We take pride in our work in bringing you quality smoked meat products the old-fashioned way, and you can be sure that all Commissary smoked meat is free from additives and fillers.

Because we use only real ingredients, we guarantee that all of our smoked sausage (and most of our other smoked meat products) are 100% wheatless and gluten-free.


Sausage Rings

  • Fine* – Fine ground garlic flavoured pork and spice.
  • Course* – The same, with chunks of ham style pork and cracked pepper.

*Wheatless and Gluten free.


Bar Sausage

Smokies, linkers, and legion. All of our bar sausage is wheatless and gluten free.

  • Mild* – Fine ground, the same as the Fine ring.
  • Mild Cheese* – The mild bar with medium cheddar cheese added.
  • Hot* – Hot spice is added for a bit of a kick.
  • Extra Hot* – A harder kick!
  • Hot Cheese* – Hot sausage with medium cheddar cheese added.
  • Hot Cheese Jalapeno* – Hot cheese with jalapeno peppers (seeds removed). Also available in a stick and chub (small salami).
  • Extra Hot Cheese Jalapeno* – The seeds are tossed in for even more heat.
  • Banana Pepper* – A subtle hint of banana pepper gives it a nice distinct flavour. Also available in a stick and chub.
  • Hot Smoked Italian* – A smoked version of our delicious Fresh Italian Sausage. No garlic in these.
  • Pepperoni and Cheese* – Just like it sounds; pepperoni smokie with cheddar curds. An excellent pizza topping.
  • Ham Stick* – A double length bar sausage with cracked pepper and ham style pork. Also available in chubs.
  • Party Stick* – A mixture of mild, cheese, hot, and ham style sausage.
  • Spicy Party Stick* – Added hot cheese jalapeno and banana pepper to the mix.
  • Pepperoni Stick* – A medium spiced pepperoni made of pork and beef. Also available in salami and as a dry pepperoni stick.
  • Pepperettes* – Little pepperoni, perfect for snacking!
  • Wieners* – A classic. Our very own recipe, smoked to pefection for that Commissary signature taste.

*Wheatless and Gluten free.


More from the Smoker…

In addition to our signature sausage, The Commissary Deli & Smoked Meats provides a variety of meats the old fashioned way from our smokehouse. Come on in for any of the following delicious smoked meats:

  • Smoked Side Ribs*
  • Back Bacon*
  • Old Fashioned Ham*
  • Smoked Beef*
  • Southwest Pork*
  • Smoked Pork Chops*

*Wheatless and Gluten free.